Cherry Blossoms

About Us

At PSYCHOLOGY 806 we are a Family Psychology Practice with extensive experience in working with children, adolescents and families delivering a range of assessments and treatments to improve wellbeing.

We assess and treat a range of mental illnesses and mental health difficulties. Specifically we are able to conduct assessments of:


- Cognitive functioning from pre-school to adult 

- Autism Spectrum Disorder

- Functional Assessments 

- Mental Health Assessments


We are able to treat:

-Depression and Mood Disorders

- Anxiety Disorders inclusive of OCD

- Challenging Behavior

- Sleep Disorders

- Low self-esteem and interpersonal difficulties

- Bullying and friendship concerns

- Eating Disorders

-Trauma and attachment difficulties

- Mental Health difficulties related to medical conditions


Legal Reports and Proceedings

It is not the policy of Psychology 806 to provide legal/court reports and Psychologists are not available to attend court proceedings. Please note that the Psychologists are not available for extended discussions via telephone or email. In the interests of client safety, issues should be discussed in person during sessions.

We do not accept new clients who have current Family Court proceedings. We recommend services such as Relationships Australia, Child and Family Services or school welfare staff over this period.



All personal information gathered by the Psychologists during the provision of the psychological service will remain strictly confidential and kept secure. However, there can be exceptions when:

1.       It is subpoenaed by a court; or

2.       Failure to disclose the information would place your child or another person at serious and imminent risk; or

3.       You and your child’s prior approval has been obtained to:

a)      provide a written report to another professional or agency, eg. a GP, school etc; or

b)      discuss the material with another person, eg. your child’s school; or

c)       if disclosure is otherwise required or authorised by law.